SounDoctrine Is

SounDoctrine aptly christened their music as "Originalternativefunkjazzfusion" and are more a live production ensemble than a "band" with members frequently exchanging roles from city to city and from Studio or Stage. 

SounDoctrine founder and producer Jere B admits to a "Constant Change" inherent in their multifaceted directions which twists and turns at will.

Others have described SounDoctrine as "Steely Dan crashing into George Duke on his way over to Bob James' house while listening to YellowJackets!" 

Throughout their diverse studio recordings and high energy stage shows, SounDoctrine has welcomed such musical genius as Cliff Barnes*, Marlon Saunders*, Paul Douds*, Ragan Whiteside*, The Edsels*,
Keith McKelley*, Thumbper Rhodes*, Phil The Beat*, Nate Barnes, Frank Walton*, Carlton J Smith*, Janis Jones*, Michael Austin*, Jim Couchenour*, H.Wade Johnson, Trendle Thomas, Bob Baldwin*, Jasmine Thompson*,    Dylan Waters*, Mitch Lawrence*, Angel Lopez*, Jonnie Austin, Janet Write*, Tara Amill*, Jeremy De Jesus*, Sheldon Grayson*, Rob White and Tracee, among many other talented artists.

SounDoctrine has four award winning albums and their music has been featured frequently on the Weather Channel since 2008.

*have recorded on SounDoctrine Albums

Our Debut Our Establishment Our Solidarity
Notes Notes Notes
Live Album 2002 Featuring Niayana Artists Smooth Jazz Single Featuring Bob Baldwin First National Compilation