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Much Appreciation to Josh Medore & Andrea Wood of The Business Journal for the great Articles on the New Project!

Much Appreciation to Josh Medore & Andrea Wood of The Business Journal for the great Articles on the New Project!

It Takes A Lot of Prayer to Make Money as a Jazz Band

It Takes A Lot of Prayer to Make Money as a Jazz Band


"SounDoctrine is a rarity in Jazz music these days. They are hell bent on breaking away from the rest of the pack. Take their latest release INSPIRE and play it for your friends who say they don't like Jazz and they will like it. Play it for your friends who do like Jazz and they will think that it fell off of the CTI shelf. It's yet another one of the places that Jazz will be going in the future, when Jazz is no longer 'smooth.'"
- Bob Davis, 

"Inspire is a wonderful recording that has very positive messages for all of us. We ALL need INSPIRATION to carry us through. Just think. - Kevin Amos aka tha Funkoverlord host of "One To One", WRCT-FM Pittsburgh
- Kevin Amos, "One To One", WRCT-FM Pittsburgh 

"Soundoctrine's Inspire is a music staple of our radio shows. With amazing musicianship, the band blends funk, jazz, rock, and gospel into it's definitive sound. We have known this band for many years and each release brings excitement to us. Thanks to Jere B and the Soundoctrine family." - "Upper Room with Joe Kelley and Gi Dussault" WVOF 88.5 FM Fairfield CT
- Joe Kelley, - "Upper Room with Joe Kelley and Gi Dussault" 

"Positive messages from SounDoctrine - a band that hasn’t forgotten what 'soul music' is - Chris Mann, Host of ‘Wild & Peaceful’ on the Live365 Internet Radio Network "
- Chris Mann, ‘Wild & Peaceful’ on the Live365 Internet Radio Network 

Synergy1Radio - Stellar Award nominated station for "Internet Station of the Year" Selected "Marriage" from the new CD Inspire from the Ohio based SoundDoctrine which proved to be a winner within 48 hours. Our listeners gave the song a 5 star ration. It's a smooth jazz track that is soothing and relaxing and has been added to the Gospel Jazz Experience and The Gospel Quiet Storm.
 Andr'e L Program Director 



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Barry Towler/Soulchoonz


SounDoctrine by virtue of name and artwork may fool you into thinking that it's some rubbish rap / Hip Hop album along the likes of D12 or something. Well, thankfully, it isn't. Billed as Funkjazzfusion, this album represents a number of talented artists who collaborate on a set of quality soul tunes, jazzy instrumentals and contemporary - yet not crass - R&B efforts. A few names on here are familiar to us all - Carlton J. Smith, Marlon Saunders and Jere B to name a few, and other lesser known names work together to deliver a fine set of independent soul, funk and jazz tunes. Jere B is the man overseeing this project, and 14 tracks have been created for your listening pleasure. Sets like these have helped make 2010 a very good year for our music.

Marlon Saunders never fails to deliver, be it on his own work or production for other artists and on "Just Think" he has given us yet another strong, strong effort. Again, Marlon relies on real instruments and melodies and the warm keyboards, funky rhythm and scratchy guitar and pieced together with a summery guitar that takes us back to the early 80s. Asking us to think about better times, happier times and those things and people that we once had Marlon encourages us to re-evaluate our place in the world, taking it to the streets. Socially conscious, Marlon is a master of this type of theme and gets full marks for this effort. The synth that ends the song, too, is as haunting as you like and has had numerous rewinds so that I can enjoy it again and again and again! The conscious theme is continued with Larry Johnson and Stefano NuSoul with "Brother's Keeper. Filled with positivity, they implore us to let our lights shine. Nothing wrong with that and songs that not only mean well but contain real wisdom and not superficialdom always win my vote!

Instrumentals "Marriage" and "Sacred Place (For Gary)" are both SUPERB. Real instrumentation and properly in the jazz fusion bag we are not left wandering around a shopping mall or going up and down in an elevator on these tunes. The Wes McCann guitar is perfect as are the vibes and sax on both. Delicious! A song that I implore you to listen to carefully, and give a real chance to, is "Meant To Be" which is a contemporary R&B ballad featuring Stefano NuSoul and Jasmine Thompson. The music is lovely yet it has an appeal to the younger ear...if an old grumpy guts like me can appreciate this song then I'm sure you will like it too. The lyrics are lovely and the vocal arrangements are also quite clever. No use of auto-tuning either, to their credit. This almost sounds like a new track from, say, Najee or Brian Culbertson. Think Avant and Faith Evans for example guesting. Not usually my bag, but the gorgeous melody, the lyrics and Keith McKelly's sax is SUPERB. Think Najee and you're right there. Another funky instrumental features Keith McKelly, sounding very much like Everette Harp, along with Cliff Barnes and Paul Douds on piano and acoustic guitar. Topping everything, though, is the final song, "(That's Why) It's Called Love" featuring Kent Wallace, Nadir Omowale, Janet White and Janis Jones. This is real quality modern soul and renders the CD essential. A must-have release and no better to end 2010.

Barry Towler
The Vibe Scribe

Brian Farrish Review

Artist: Soundoctrine

Album: Inspire

Soundoctrine’s “Inspire” is the third album from this self-proclaimed "Originalalternativefunkjazzfusion!" band. I really can’t think of a better way to describe this music. I hear so many influences; one moment I hear a bit of Stanley Clarke, the next I hear Bootsy Collins, Lee Ritenour, and Charles Mingus. The style is eclectic, but everything works. Many of the songs on this album are instrumentals, and this band has been featured often on the Weather Channel, but that doesn’t mean this is elevator music. Far from it, these tunes are solid and have incredible musicians playing and jamming on them. If you are looking for talented musicians playing music influenced by the world’s most talented musicians, then this is it.

Just Think- “Just Think” is a catchy jazz funk song with a powerful horn section that enhances the vocals and the structure of the song. The bass has a very funky rhythm that goes with catchy keyboard riffs. The lyrical point of “giving the world up” is mirrored with a chill, laid-back vibe to the music.

Originalternativefunkjazzfusion= “Originalternative” is a jazzy tune that sounds new because the band clearly took advantage of music software. Bringing a new sound to older genres and song forms is something I would be gun-shy about, but it sounds amazing in this instrumental piece.

(That’s Why) It’s Called Love-“(That;s Why) It’s called love” is a R&B tinged jazz track with beautiful lead vocals and harmonies, funky bass that seems to be slapped, ripping guitar, and powerful drums that take the song from jazz to a more modern sound. The lyrics are insightful and true to the band name, are full of doctrines that we all know and should follow.

Reviewed by Jamie Dorman of Bryan Farrish Radio Promotion

Dr Brookenstein Review

Editorial Note: While We Were Obviously hoping for a More Favorable Review from Bro Brookenstein, we maintain our core stance of posting EVERY Review done on our musical efforts irregardless of critique. There are however a few corrections we need to address in his review: ALL of the Drums on INSPIRE (not just those listed below, i.e. 'Sacred Place') were created by Jere B utilzing Reason by Propellerheads and not performed on a traditional kit as on "Endurance."

Mini-Review of SounDoctrine "INSPIRE"
by Bro. Brookenstein

CD Rating: 8 (out of 10)

Comments: Honestly, I think that the last SounDoctrine "Endurance" was a little better than the latest release "INSPIRE". One reason for that statement is that there was more tracks on the last release that had a serious funk edge to them (by the way, bassist Phil The Beat seems to be missing this time around). The other reason is that a lot of tracks on this release are more contemporary R&B tunes, which doesn't usually excite me.

However, there is a theme to this release that makes me happy to have this CD in my possession: LOVE. I mean LOVE for God, LOVE for your fellow man and (of course) LOVE for your significant other. The Bible talks about "adibing in faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love." (1 Corinthians 13:13)'s important to know that without love, everything that you do means nothing...because God *is* LOVE. Also, there is a number of tracks on this CD that I will be paying over and over and over and over again....including one with the electrifying performance of vocalist Carlton J. Smith.

Anyway, here is the track-by-track blow-me-down, baba:

(By the way, Tracks 1, 2, 3, 5, 6 and 7 - features the use of a drum machine -- no real drums there)

1) "Just Think": a nice mid-tempo R&B cut featuring lead vocalist Marlon Saunders (a fellow member of -- this is a song about the need for unity among all of us. I like the way that Marlon threw in a little bit of Stevie Wonder's "Love's in Need of Love Today".

2) "Brother's Keeper": another mid-tempo R&B cut featuring lead vocalist Larry Johnson. This is a message song about calling the families back together in unity and strengthening one another. There is a scripture reference to Luke 10:2 -- "The harvest truly is great, but the labourers are few."

3) "Marriage": a mellow jazz tune that doesn't move me.

4) "Sacred Place": mellow jazz tune - it has a pretty nice piano & vibes presence and it's the first tune on the CD to feature Jere B on the drums.

5) "Meant to Be": a R&B ballad featuring lead vocals by Stefano NuSoul and Jasmine Thompson -- pretty bland.

6) "Relax (The Freedom Mix)": hip-hop flavored jazz tune with lead vocals by Jasmine Thompson and raps by Errin Thompson -- not impressive.

7) "Originalternativefunkjazzfusion": I loved the first 9 seconds (the alternative funk-rock music interlude). The song features a somewhat interesting lead synthesizer riff line. When I hear this track, I think of the 80's synth-driven techno music, except this is actually better.

8) "War No More": as far as this track, I cannot figure out what the first 15 seconds is about (is that supposed to be a fighter jet or something like that?) this is a mid-tempo track with some very good lead guitar-like wailing (from a synthesizer) and a nice organ solo by Cliff Barnes.

9) "Inspire": opera-like/classical introduction to a R&B track about caring for others, encouraging others and speaking blessings into others's lives. This song features a lot of lead vocalists and a choir, along with some Spanish dialogue with a translation.

10) "Love Wins Again": THE BEST SONG -- FUNKY R&B TUNE with backing vocal group The Legendary Edsels and THE ONE AND ONLY "OLD SCHOOL FOOL" CARLTON J. SMITH (I call him "The SECOND Hardest Working Man in Show Business!!!!!!!!!!!!!") The vocals are SUPER-GREAT, along with the lone bass backing vocal! THIS WILL MAKE YOU GET UP AND DANCE, BABA!! Funky synthesizer & horn section (trumpet, trombone & sax) riffs will make you jump you and say AMEN!! (YES, CARLTON -- Jesus died for us and He is coming back soon! SING ON, BROTHA!) WHEW - I HAD TO TAKE A GOOD, LONG SHOWER AFTER LISTENING TO THIS SONG...FOR REAL!!!!!

11) "Surrender": lively jazz tune with beautiful sax melodies...YES, you will want to surrender to this. The acoustic guitar & piano riffs are good, but better is the very energetic sax solo towards the end!!

12) "Resurrection": uptempo jazz with a somewhat odd rhythm to it...and I LIKE IT! The combo of the off-the-wall lead guitar & sax riffing towards the end, along with the handclaps, is perfect!

13) "Ellen's Arrival": a nice jazz tune which starts off with a spoken scripture Ephesians 6:10-12 (a scripture about protecting yourself when going into spiritual warfare against Satan and his demons). "Our weapons of warfare are not carnal but mighty in God to the pulling down of strongholds."

14) "(That's Why) It's Called Love": a contemporary gospel song where the message is found in 1 Corinthians 13 -- You must have LOVE in your heart (God's LOVE) must exhibit the fruits of the Spirit. You can have all the talents & gifts that are bestowed upon you by God, but without love, it means nothing! Lead vocals are handled by Kent "Blue" Wallace. I liked the guitar work of Nadir Omowale (another fellow member), especially the wild solo at the end.

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